Affected by repression?

Have you been affected by repression after the BlockGas action days? If you have received mail from the police or other state authorities, have been approached by the police or have questions concerning repression, please contact our legal help: (PGP).

Nobody is left alone with this. Solidarity follows repression!

Stop criminalizing social protests!

The social and climate justice movement has been criminalized these days in a way never seen before in Austria. That is why we announce a demonstration for Monday, April 3 at 17:45 to protest against the repression and criminalization of BlockGas.

Be there and show solidarity!

Block the European Gas Conference

Join us in Vienna to rise up against rising energy bills and rising temperatures! From 26-29 March, we will BLOCK and SHUT DOWN the European Gas Conference in Vienna.

Take Action

Be part of the #BlockGas action days!

…and prepare well for it

Call for donations

We want to bear the costs of repression together as a movement and support all activists involved as much as possible! So we are happy about every solidary support of our protest!

Power to the People Conference

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