We want to enable as many people as possible to take part in our actions.Therefore, we are working to reduce barriers and meet requirements for participation as far as possible.

If you need assistance or support during the action or need more specific information, please contact: We will try to make participation possible, if needed, by finding an assistance affinity group.

If you or your affinity group wants to offer assistance during the action, also contact:

In the following, we will list the measures to reduce barriers for our action days:


In Action

  • awareness concept before, during and after the action; awareness people in the action
  • for at-risk groups: activists are asked to test for COVID-19 before the action
  • language barriers: part of the actions are predominantly in English; whispered translations into German, Spanish, French and Dutch
  • parts of the action require no more than 2 km of walking (probably less)
  • parts of the action require no running
  • there is an affinity group offering wheelchair assistance for the entire action



  • 2 sleeping places accessible by wheelchair
  • 15 sleeping places more easily accessible (elevator, no stairs)
  • low barrier access to the ‘Power to the People’ space (Kulturzentrum 4lthangrund – Alte Mensa), find directions here
  • other spaces with low barrier access: HUS (Rathausstraße 19-21), TÜWI (Dänenstrasse 4/ door 2), Lecture Hall C1 (Hof 2, Altes AKH Uni Wien, Spitalgasse 2)
  • spaces that are not accessible by wheelchair: W23 (awareness space), Amerlinghaus (Stiftgasse 8)