United against state repression

If you get mail from the police or other state authorities after the BlockGas action days, are approached by the police or have questions concerning repression, get in touch with us!

If you have been in action with BlockGas, check your mailbox in the coming weeks (and months). If you get mail: don’t panic!

In that case, contact our legal aid as soon as possible: legalaid-blockgas[at]riseup.net. This is a small group that takes care of legal issues following the BlockGas action days. Feel free to write encrypted, this is the PGP key. If you can’t do that, you can also write unencrypted. It is always good not to mention names and not to write anything about if and who did anything.

As always:

Do not talk to the police! Talk to your political group, affinity group or other trusted people. Repression can affect everyone, that’s why we all have to stand up against repression. Even if only a few are affected, we are all meant.

Update (14/06/2023)

In the past days the police has sent letters concerning the BlockGas action days, asking to make a statement. You also received mail?

Please take care of the following: If you are going there, do not make a statement (you refuse to say anything)! Take somebody you trust with you and leave your mobile phone at home!
Also if you receive letters from the police, you can always contact our legal aid.


We do not leave anyone alone!