Please travel by train, bus, bike or carpool!

We recommend to arrive on Saturday (25.03.). Then you have enough time to find your way around and to participate in the plenaries. Please be at the plenary location by Sunday noon at the latest!

If you want to participate in the program of the Power to the People Conference, you are welcome to come earlier. There you can also participate in action trainings and legal aid workshops, for example.

In exceptional cases, it is also possible to arrive on Monday, as it is possible to go into action during the entire action period. However, you will then hardly have time to take part in the preparatory workshops.


Arrival by bus/train/in groups

Local groups from all over Europe will organize joint journeys to BlockGas. Ask around in your city if there is an organized group journey from there as well. Below you find a map showing the cities where groups are travelling from.


Organize a group journey

You want to organize (with others) a joint journey from somewhere in Europe, either with a rented bus or by train? Or maybe you have questions regarding the organization of a joint journey? We are happy to help you!

Just send us an e-mail to (PGP).


Arrival and registration for larger groups (>10 persons)

In general and for all: If you are a group of more than 10 people and plan to travel together (e.g. by bus), please write an e-mail to (PGP) and tell us with how many people your group will arrive and on which day. If necessary, you can also get more information on how to organize a group journeyat this e-mail address.

If you agree, we will add your joint journey to the list of places with organized journeys here on this page. Please do NOT write us an e-mail if you come as a single person with an organized journey.


Overview of organised journeys

Departure for the Solibus: Wed, 29.03., 1pm
Departure point:
Bus stop Modecenterstraße (corner of Erdbergstraße), 1030 Vienna