Call for Demonstration: Stop criminalizing social protests!

During the action days against the European Gas Conference, which took place this week in Vienna, the climate justice movement experienced a new level of criminalization for Austria through the use of § 274 StGB against activists of BlockGas.

While the real criminals, the fossil fuel lobbyists and investors at the conference, negotiated behind closed doors about new fossil fuel mega-projects and the future of our energy system, several hundred peacefully demonstrating activists from all over Europe and Africa experienced disproportionate violence by an enormous police contingent including dog squads and water cannons. 

The actions of the police have once again shown that the state is more interested in protecting the fossil fuel system and its profiteers instead of taking the urgency of the current crises seriously. The repression and criminalization are an attempt to end our protests for a socially and ecologically just world and against fossil fuel destruction. But we will not be intimidated by this because civil disobedience is a legitimate and necessary means of democratic participation and emancipatory politics for all those whose voices are not heard!

Therefore, we meet on Monday 3.04. at 17:45 at Ballhausplatz – solidarity must become practice! Resistance against the repressive authorities!