People’s Summit

against European Gas Conference

March 22-24, 2024, Vienna

Counter-Summit to the European Gas Conference

The year 2023 writes history as the hottest year on record. CO2-Emissions are at an all-time high; war and neo-colonial exploitation are ever increasing. Our world is calling for collective and emancipatory responses to the crises and politics, that affect all our lives. Right now, it’s not the many, let alone all of us, that are making the strategic decisions for future pathways. Continuously it is the corporations, the investors and the politicians that get together without participation of those affected – their goals: profit-maximisation and ever-increasing their power.

In March of 2024, at the European Gas Conference, these actors get together again in Vienna, to negotiate and decide the future of European energy supply – invited by the Austrian oil and gas corporation OMV. In 2023 this conference was dragged out from behind the curtain and into the public eye for the first time by a variety of diverse actions and our counter conference. At the first counter-summit 2023 we discussed and envisioned alternatives to fossil capitalism – represented by events such as the European Gas Conference. Our resistance will be as loud, if not louder in 2024:


The People’s Summit against EGC is taking place from March 22nd to March 24th in Vienna.

All information about the People’s Summit you can find here: