Demonstration consensus: Stop the gas lobby!

Wednesday, March 27, 2024 ​

The demo consensus is a binding framework for the “Stop the gas lobby!” demonstration on March 27, 2024. All people taking part in the demo should with this consensus.

The demonstration should be a low-barrier and low-threshold form of action to practice protest and resistance against the gas lobby. We therefore reserve the right to agree our own extended demonstration consensus, based on the action consensus. In case of doubt, the
demonstration consensus applies.

The demonstration is directed against the gas lobby, which would have been represented at the European Gas Conference planned in Vienna, and against the fossil fuel industry. The demonstration is intended to show broad social resistance to the fossil fuel energy system.


Participants in the demonstration

We are reliable and stick to our agreements. Stewards will be deployed for communication between the demonstration organisers and participants.

Our aim is to bring the EGC to the fore as a fossil engine of the cost of living crisis, the climate crisis, military conflicts and injustices and systems of oppression, such as racism, anti-Semitism, nationalism, sexism and colonialism, and to send a signal of broad social resistance against it.

  • We demonstrate. Demonstrations are expressions of collective resistance.
  • We want to enable as many people as possible – especially socially marginalized groups – to have a safe space and participate in the demonstration.
  • We make sure that our appearance and behaviour does not recklessly trigger (re-)traumatization, police or other repression
  • Behavior, statements, symbols, banners and flags that do not meet this requirement will not be accepted and have no place at the demonstration.
  • We act prudently and do not endanger people or things.
  • Our demonstration is not directed against workers or passers-by, but against fossil capital and climate injustice, which are represented by the companies participating in the conference.
  • Our demonstration conveys an image of diversity, creativity and openness.



We come from different social movements such as climate justice, queer-feminist, anticapitalist, anti-fascist, internationalist and anti-militarist movements. Together, we oppose the social and ecological consequences of fossil capitalism and neo-colonialism.


No room for discrimination

In our fight for a social and climate-just world, we oppose all forms of exploitation and oppression such as racism, fascism, sexism, trans and queer hostility, colonialism, antiSemitism, ableism, militarism and capitalism

  • We aim to become aware of everyday and structural discrimination among ourselves and by society and to take action against it.
  • We try to give space and solidarity to the people and groups among us who are affected by discrimination.
  • As a movement, we are actively engaged in an anti-racist learning, teaching and reflection process.
  • We recognize structural racism and racist practices in the police. Therefore, we call on white activists and especially those who are not affected by racism to reflect on their privileges in their behavior and interactions with the police.
  • We look out for each other throughout the demonstration. This also means that we refrain from practices that fall under discriminatory behavior.