We need you to make the actions possible!

No action without care work! We need your support to make the action days possible, for example in the kitchen for all or for organising vigils or transportation.

It doesn’t have to be civil disobedience to take part. For many tasks outside of actions of civil disobedience, we need many helping hands.

Write us at helping-hands-against-gas@systemli.org.

This way you get a selection of open tasks and can decide for yourself how you want to make yourself useful.

Support us by accommodating activists!

We are looking for sleeping facilities for people during the Power to the People Conference and BlockGas action days (25. – 29.03.2023).

If you have space at home, please contact us at beds-against-gas@riseup.net (PGP). Please answer the following questions:

  • How many activists can you accommodate?
  • For which period can you offer sleeping places?
  • Is the flat barrier-free accessible?
  • Are there any pets? (This is important because of possible allergies).
  • Is the offer exclusively directed to FLINTA* (female, lesbian, intersexual, non-binary, transgender and agender) and are there only FLINTA* present in the accomodation?
  • What type of sleeping accomodation is it (own room, bed, couch or floor, etc.)?
  • What should guests bring with them? Are sleeping mats and sleeping bags required?
  • Contact details, e.g. your telephone number or e-mail address.