Everyone should be able to participate!

Action overview

We will be MANY, because many are suffering under the capitalist system of exploitation. We will be INTERSECTIONAL because this struggle affects everyone. We will be LOUD because we have no voice where the decisions are made. We will EDUCATE and LEARN from each other.

Our forms of protest and action are diverse, creative and open. All people who want, should be able to participate in one way or another. Each should be able to consciously decide between the different forms of action and participation.

Here you can find an overview of the different participation possibilities.

Power to the People Conference

24 – 26 March 2023 in Vienna

Gas companies burn our future! We spark alternatives!

The weekend before the European Gas Conference we are organising a counter-conference. We no longer want to watch as corporations and governments burn the future and plunge us into the next crisis. The common causes of inflation, climate crisis, energy crisis and war are obvious: a profit-driven system that exploits people and nature. Crises have a system.

During the three days you can expect a program with diverse workshops, panel discussions, film screenings and many other formats with international participants and speakers. The program will be updated continuously. There you will also find all the info about the exact locations of the conference.

We need you to make the actions possible

24 – 29 March 2023 in Vienna

No action without care work! We need your support to make the action days possible, for example in the kitchen for all or for organising vigils or transportation.

Blockade of the European Gas Conference

26 – 29 March 2023 in Vienna

In actions of civil disobedience we will block and shut down the European Gas Conference in Vienna. We must stop corporations and lobbyists from continuing to chain us to fossil gas, destroying our planet, robbing people of their livelihoods and taking countless lives across the Global South.

Demonstration: Stop the gas lobby - Power to the People!

28 March 2023 | 17:30 | Stephansplatz, Vienna

Come and join us in making a statement for socially just energy policy and climate justice!

From 27 to 29 March, the international gas lobby will meet in Vienna at the invitation of OMV. Behind closed doors, the future of our energy supply will be decided at the European Gas Conference.

The last year has shown that while we are suffering from inflation, fossil fuel companies are making hundreds of billions in record profits. Instead of putting the money into renewable energy, it is being distributed to rich shareholders and the dependence on an unsocial fossil fuel system is deepening! A system that puts corporate interests before the real needs of people.

Therefore: Power to the People! Together, we take to the streets for social justice and compliance with the 1.5°C limit.