Action consensus for the actions of civil disobedience

The consensus of action is a binding agreement for our days of action. We invite all people who follow this agreement to participate in the BlockGas actions.

Block European Gas Conference 2023

From March 26 to 29, we will engage in resistance against fossil fuels with diverse actions targeted at the European Gas Conference (EGC), taking place in Vienna, and the fossil industry.

Our forms of action

We say what we do and do what we say. Through mass civil disobedience, we stand up against the solidification of fossil infrastructure by the EGC and its undemocratic and corrupt decision-making. Our goal is to block the EGC and to prevent the operation of the fossil industry. We do this because both fuel the climate crisis and (re-)produce neocolonial and capitalist exploitative structures.

  • We protest and obstruct with our bodies.
  • Each person will make a conscious decision between the different forms of action. The necessary information is shared in preparation for the action.
  • We will not let ourselves be stopped by structural obstacles. We will flow through and around police.
  • We act thoughtfully and do not harm people.
  • Our actions are not directed against workers or bypassers, but against fossil capital and climate injustice represented by the companies attending the conference.
  • Our diverse forms of protest and action reflect our values of diversity, creativity and openness. We do our best to allow all people to participate.

Capacities and end of action

We look after each other. Everyone should decide for themselves how to take action. We are well prepared for the action, for example through action trainings or legal workshops. We support each other in the action and keep an eye on the capacities of structures and individuals. We decide on the duration of the action together and on site in close communication with the support structures. After the action, we process the experience together and bear repercussions collectively.

Participation by (small) groups

We invite (small) groups to enrich our action days with their forms of action. Should groups wish for support from the alliance, it is for BlockGas and support structures to decide, whether and how they can assist them. This decision happens based on available capacities and in close exchange with the groups. The same applies to groups that want to maintain blockades beyond the agreed time frame and action location with or without aids (e.g. lock-ons).

Regardless of the form of action, it is central that we prepare well and are aware of what we are doing. We do not endanger people, we behave calmly and thoughtfully, and we look out for each other.

Groups can contact: (PGP)


We come from different social movements including climate justice, queer-feminist, anti-capitalist, anti-fascist and anti-militarist movements. Together we oppose the social and ecological consequences of fossil capitalism and neocolonialism. We stand in solidarity with all those who resist for a more just world.

In our actions we envision the world we want to see. We make our decisions by consensus where each person’s opinion weighs the same. We try to reduce hierarchies as much as possible. To include each and everyone wanting to take part in the actions, requirements for participating (e.g. barrier-free access) will be met as far as possible. A list of the measures for barrier-free participation is found here.

Contact for questions: (PGP)

A more detailed self-understanding is found here.

Explicitly antiracist and no space for discrimination

In our struggle for a socially and climate just world we oppose all forms of exploitation and oppression such as racism, facism, sexism, colonialism, anti-semitism, ableism, militarism and capitalism.

  • We are committed to being aware of and taking action against everyday and structural discrimination among ourselves and by society.
  • We try to provide space and solidarity to the people and groups among us who are affected by discrimination. A list of anti-discriminatory and anti-racist measures is found here.
  • As a movement, we are actively engaged in a process of anti-racist learning, teaching and reflection.
  • We recognize structural racism and racist practices in the police. This is why we call on white activists, and especially those not affected by racism, to reflect on their privileges when interacting with the police.
  • We intend to interact with the police only out of necessity.
  • If we decide to interact with the police, we will carefully examine our motivation, our attitude and our goal beforehand. If necessary, we do this together in plenaries of deligates.
  • We recognize the structural oppression of state imprisonment. People are imprisoned for long amounts of time, often due to structural racism. If arrested, we want to keep that in mind and show solidarity to those facing state repression.
  • During the entire action we care for the well-being of all activists involved. This also means that we refrain from practices that fall under discriminatory behaviour.

More on anti-racist solidarity during actions can be found here.

COVID-19 Hygiene concept

To protect ourselves and others from contracting COVID-19, we adhere to the hygiene concept.