Prepare for the action days


Be part of the #BlockGas action days!

…and prepare well for it

A step-by-step guide

1) Workshops for preparation

In the run-up to the action days, there are general information evenings, action trainings for civil disobedience and legal aid workshops in different cities in Austria, Europe as well as online.

Especially action newcomers are advised to participate in an action training to get acquainted with different forms of action, to get to know the concept of affinity groups and to try out tactics in practical exercises. Action training dates can be found here.

In legal aid workshops you will learn about basic legal principles of civil disobedience actions, behavior during the action and how to prepare. Legal aid workshop dates can be found here.

There will also be action trainings and legal aid workshops in the framework of the Power to the People Conference directly before the action days, you can find them here.

2) Form affinity groups

In the run-up to the action days, find a maximum of 7 other people with whom you would like to go into the action as an affinity group. During the action you look after each other as a group, discuss how far you want to go, how you feel, what you feel like doing. You can print out this checklist and discuss the questions calmly in the affinity group before the action.

By the way, action trainings and action plenaries are good opportunities to find an affinity group.

3) Action consensus and hygiene concept

Read the action consensus and the hygiene concept carefully before the action days from 27-29 March! Act within the framework of the action consensus and follow the guidelines of the hygiene concept.

4) Legal

Especially action newcomers and all those who have never taken part in an action of civil disobedience in Austria (but also all others) are advised to participate in a legal aid workshop. Dates you find here. There will also be a legal aid workshop on the action weekend.

In addition, the Action Guide also provides you with a lot of information.

5) Clarify your journey

Arrange your journey well in advance of the action days. Perhaps a joint journey will be organised in your city. You can find more information here.

6) Check or provide a place to sleep

Don’t worry: in March it’s too cold for an outdoor camp. Sleeping places are available at the sleeping place exchange, both in collective accommodation and in private beds.

If you live in Vienna, please help us to provide as many sleeping places as possible.

7) Packing list

Go through the packing list. There you will find tips on what you should take to Vienna and the actions and what you should rather leave at home.

8) Action Plenaries

Appoint a delegate in your affinity group to attend the action plenaries during the action week: preferably both on Sunday, but at least the one in the afternoon. If you only attend the one on Sunday afternoon, you should have agreed beforehand in the affinity group when and how you can imagine going into action. You can find the action plenaries (as well as the dates for action trainings and legal aid workshops) here.

There you will get the last important information!

9) Make the action possible

Even if you don’t want to go to the civil disobedience action, we would be very happy if you support us with numerous tasks in the background. We will soon publish the possible tasks and an email address here.

This way you will get a selection of open tasks and opportunities to get involved to make the action possible. You can decide for yourself how you can make yourself useful.

10) Clarifying questions

If you have questions, don’t be shy. Write a mail to: european-anti-gas-alliance[at] (PGP)

After these steps, hopefully nothing stands in the way of a successful action of civil disobedience.